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1000 AUD


Two  days workshop in Sydney Australia . Workshop covers the following: newborn photography basics, in-depth instruction on lighting, posing with newborn models, composing for in-camera perfection, the importance of the technical settings of the camera, post-processing and much more.


Two days Newborn  Posing Master Class with Paola Aldewliy

When: January 11-12th, 2020
Where: Sydney, Australia
Cost: 1000 AUD

Deposit: 500 AUD  (non-refundable)
Attendees:  10 people 

Workshop will start at 10AM  and will be done by 6pm

We will have two models in the first day and one in second day

Workshop will cover:

The theoretical part

-We will talk about lighting, lighting equipment

-Client preparation

-When it is better to cancel a session

-Talk about safety 

-Camera settings,  setups

-I will show you how to set the light for a beautiful and volumetric image

The practical part:


-The frog pose

-Timber pose

-Tushy Up 

-Side sleeper  poses 

-Posing on the back

-Chin on wrists

-Pose cocoon (potato sag),

-Prop shots
- Shooting angles 


- Tips and tricks how to use the posing beans or other posers on the beanbag or props

-I will show my workflow and the transition from one pose to another


-I will show how I cull in Adobe Bridge , edit in ACR,(Camera Raw), do composites, skin, etc. we will retouch a few images from workshop. I will show you my way to edit.

-Working with actions


What to bring for the workshop day:

-Full frame camera with 50 or 35 mm lens

-If you have a crop camera, then it's better to take it with a lens whose focal length is not more than 35 mm with -50 mm you will be uncomfortable taking frames from above85mm lens is not quite comfortable for upper frames

-Strap on the camera is mandatory

-Notebook and pen, preferably two

-extra batteries,chargers,cards


Participants have / do not have the right

-Have the right to take backstage photos of everything that happens in the master class by camera or mobile

-They do not have the right to record audio

-Video recording is prohibited at the time of the class

-They do not have the right to conduct their master classes within two years after visiting the master class from Paola Aldewliy Photography


Take with you

Extra batteries, chargers, extra cd cards for your cameras

Put enough time for transport, and for traffic jams, if you are coming by car, please do not be late



* I do not teach how to use the camera or work in Photoshop, the student must have the basic knowledge and skills to work with the camera and Adobe Photoshop.***

***I’m not responsible if you didn't learn everything you planned on learning in my workshop, all people are individuals, some of the people understand everything from the first time, other need more time and more workshops to attend to increase their knowledge.

* By purchasing this workshop you agree not to redistribute the information obtained as part of my workshop


**After  completing the form, you must pay a full price of 1000 AUD or  the first installment of 500 AUD in the same day. Second installment should be paid before workshop or in the same day of the workshop

If you have any questions concerning the payment send us an email to or contact my host Sandra,  Photography_by_Sandra  If you have not paid after registering, your spot automatically will be given to another party wishing to visit the workshop.

***The deposit of 500 AUD should be paid  to secure your spot 



or bank transfer to

Dewliy Saad AlDewliy 

NCB (Alahli bank) 

 IBAN: SA 1110000008253337000100

Account number: 08253337000100